Electrical repairs are not do-it-yourself projects and are extremely dangerous to attempt if you aren’t a trained professional. Whether your lighting fixture is cracked or you need new insulation on some of your appliance wiring, JT Electric will solve your problem.


We will professionally assess your current residential and commercial wiring and perform the necessary rewiring, capacity or safety upgrades to reduce your fire hazard risk.


Electrical installation requires a specific knowledge of the materials that need to be used, the workload that can be sustained, and how to make everything run efficiently. We will safely provide energy throughout the building while also making sure everything works as efficiently as possible.


 Your home reflects your style, and we can give you the remodel lighting you’ve always wanted. We can install dimmers, switches, timers, outlets with USB ports, and as many light fixtures in your home remodel as you need.


 Before beginning your electrical build-out you need to be sure that you have a commercial electrician that will be there throughout the project.


We are living in an age where technology is in many ways making our lives simpler. We can help you fully automate your home or workplace.

Licensed + Insured 

Fully licensed and insured contractors with over 20 years of electrical experience.

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  • Cable, Phone & Network Wiring

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